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We’re fully invested in supporting Zopians to grow into their potential.

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Our work philosophy

The Zopa experience is all about bringing out the best in our people — we empower them to define their career direction, and pursue their passions outside the office.

Our flexibility and benefits policies are redefining how to create a high performance culture while supporting our people through life’s big moments.

We create the opportunity for our people to experience new countries, cultures and ways of working with a no-nonsense approach to work.


Our flexibility and benefits policy is reimagining how to create a high performance culture while supporting our people through life's big moments.

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Candidate Journey

Every candidate at Zopa has a unique journey. Our interview processes reflect this and are tailored to the needs for each role. Here are a few tips to make yours a great interviewing experience.

  • Application

    We don’t believe in making you jump through hoops; all we want is your up-to-date CV. We accommodate for everyone so if you need any reasonable adjustments, please let us know in your application.

    Tips for preparing

    • We are most interested in seeing your recent, relevant experience and what makes you right for the role!
  • Talent Partner call

    This is a call with one of our Talent Acquisition Partners. We’ll use the call to find out more about your experience and share more about the role, the team and life at Zopa with you.

    Tips for preparing

    • Do your research! Check out our website, Google Zopa news, see what our Zopians say on Glassdoor and LinkedIn.
    • Come prepared to talk about your previous experience, transferable skills, what you can bring to the role, and why you’re interested in Zopa.
    • Please feel comfortable asking any questions you may have about the role, team, and the company.
  • First interview

    In our first stage interview you will meet with key team members who will want to assess your general work experience and understand your ways of working.

    Tips for preparing

    • Be prepared to talk about your key responsibilities and collaborative ways of working.
    • Back up your answers with examples, we love hearing your stories!
    • Have your questions at the ready. This is your opportunity to find out everything you want to know about the role.
  • Skills assessment

    Technical interviews vary in format and content depending on the role. For example, this could be a case study or pair programming exercise. Whatever the format, these sessions are for you to showcase your skills. We aim to set you up for success and will provide you with detailed preparation before your interview.

    Tips for preparing

    • Make sure you are clear on the requirements and feel comfortable with what will be expected of you – ask as many questions as you need to!
    • Tell us about any reasonable adjustments that you require.
    • Find a place where you will be free from distractions.
  • Final Interview

    At Zopa collaboration is key. In our final stage interview you will meet the team members and key stakeholders outside of your function that you will likely partner with in your role. Our values aren’t just symbolic, they are embedded into the work we do across Zopa and we’ll explore these further with you at this stage.

    Tips for preparing

    • We want team players so talk to us about times you have worked closely with others.
    • Familiarise yourself with our values and see how they resonate with your experience.
    • Final chance to ask your questions! We want to give you all the insight you need to decide whether Zopa is the right place for you.

Zopa HQ

You can find us down by the river at our London Bridge HQ. Our open-plan office is full of breakout areas for creative collaboration and deep thinking.

But it’s not all brainstorms and problem solving – the ping pong and fooseball tables in the games room see a lot of action.

Our kitchen is the true hub of the office, though. It’s home to weekly company meetings, socials, Zopa-hosted events and, naturally, enough free snacks and coffee to keep you fuelled throughout the day.

Where we work

London, United Kingdom
47-49 Cottons Centre, Tooley St,
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